September 19


stageplays I’ve written

Jill-ted Jack
Jack’s mother, the Dame



Jill-ted Jack
(Nov/Dec 2011)

 Performed by the, Avebury Players


Wendy’s Wishing Tree
(Nov 2012)

Performed by the, Avebury Players




Jill-ted Jack

The Avebury Christmas Pantomime 2011

Jack and JillI wrote this love story set in the magical Avebury circle to bring together many of the aspects of the village both Christian and Pagan. Set in a ‘World Heritage Site’ largely owned and controlled by the National Trust and overseen by English Heritage it gave an opportunity to show the real Avebury as a living village with a rich social heritage. There’s far more to Avebury than, ‘To the Manor Re-born!’
An original script and music plus the support of the villager’s (and surrounding villages) helped guarantee its success.

three ladies

A sell-out on all three performances made this one of the proudest achievements of my life.
Performance time:1 hour 45 mins. (with interval) A three act play.

jill and her Aunt





Wendy’s Wishing Tree

wendy's wishing tree
The Avebury Yuletide Pantomime 2012.
‘A coming of age’ play

Wendy (a teenage girl) arrives with her two older brothers on a day-trip to Avebury, unimpressed with the place she decides to spend her day alone.
She sits under the famous ‘Wishing Trees’  and makes a wish: that she’ll meet someone just like herself to share her day with.
Her wish comes true! In a fantastical daydream she meets her own personality in the guise of  characters from Avebury, both past , present , human and otherwise: a crashed Pilot , a giant Mayfly, a Mole, a boy, a Newt, a red Lion, a Jammy Dodger, the village Giant and even a wooden Swan…and of course the baddy;  a travelling Showman who wants to use her innocence to line his own pockets!

On this magical journey of self-discovery she matures from a child to a young woman.
Original songs and Panto mayhem as usual! Performance time:1 hour 35 mins. (with interval) A three act play.





Jammy Dodger





Avebury Giant?