updated 2006

ArtUK, The Process art-in-progress is now a timeslice of those heady days 1996-2001 when artists had to come to terms with 'digital' and the 'world wide web'.
Many of us did and grappled with the pixels that were going to revolutionize art forever. Well have they?
The 100's of pages at ARTUK may well give a clue, or perhaps even a 'window in time' when all this change was taking place.
Many of the links are to other organisations, websites and others who have long since moved on. But at least the enthusiasm is recorded in logo's , events and now dead links.

So sit back, flex those mouse fingers and drink in the first attempts at a virtual utopia.
Avitars before avitars existed 'Virtual Guides' we called them. VRML where is it now? Even Java, soon to be dumped by IE7. So much seemed possible, so little has survived.

Who knows the 21stC. editions of 'The Story or Art' may even include these pages?



"The centre started out in 1997 primarily as a collection of active workshops that interacted to produce multimedia exhibitions and initiatives. The World Wide Web is where they we displayed, we invited participation from others".

Production is done ' on the fly' so no heavy overheads! However it was always intended that the online content would showcase work that would one day be available in the real world.

What we have acheived... is a multimedia, multi discipline art centre for practicing artists/performers. Artists work is displayed amongst these pages under the now inactive World Arts Association Galleries . However this work is still valid, but has to be seen in the context of its time.


Hits on The Process run into millions a year, and not by casual surfers . The top art galleries, dealers and companies worldwide visit us regularly. The big 'M' 39 times in 1 hour at one of our openings!

The Process Art-In-Progress has been, and still is a collaboration: without you, and others like you, it is nothing... but isn't that true of many sites?

Some organizations we are working
with, or have helped:


working with

Audi Foundation

Southern Arts


Bathfringe 98

ARTspeak USA

Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institution

Norton Radstock College

University of Bath

Smart South West


Bath Business Enterprise


What sort of people are involved?

Fine Arts; Painters, Sculptures, multimedia
Performing Arts especially, Dance, Drama, Music,
oetry and Literary groups,
Digital Media: video, photography, music.
edia Studies: Psychology and Philosophy






* Introduction courses are available FREE on this site as and when we can get them together.

* These introductions are full of practical advice based on experience.

* Currently available on this site,
7 steps to GOOD A4 flatbed scanning