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28 May - 13 June


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A selection of the weeks events, not
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Real player FREE! The Other Women

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FRi. 28 May
it started!

Jeff Green & Guests

Bedlam Cabaret

Mose Fan Fan

ArtFair Green Park Station

Rondo Theatre


Instant Wit


Fringart Central
Fringeart Central Exhibition


Glass Blowing
Glass blowing, Walcot St.

Deco Diva

Rondo Theatre

Childrens Art Fair



The Program

fringe'99 programme

The Fez comedy club
Fez Comedy Club





Rondo Theatre
A little Requiem
for Kantor


The spoken word...
@The Hush



Bathfringe ' 98
' What happened!'

Walcot Nation Carnival
Walcot Carnival

opening page

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