Paul Birkeland-Green

Creative Director: TheHoodedMan Ltd. UK

Univerity of Wales, Caerleon
Swindon, London, United Kingdom

I’m a visual art communicator. My role as a creative artist is to integrate product presentation into a complex visual matrix of digital and social networks. I’m viewed as a creative project developer and innovator.  I work extensively with Adobe, Affinity and WordPress. Acting as a bridge between traditional display and the ever growing options of global media with ‘Innovation and experience.’ I have worked for many organisations, authorities and companies in this role for over 20+ years.

Consultant and contracted by Arts Council of England, Bath Royal literary and Scientific Institution, South West England Museums, Roman Baths, Museum of Costume, Heritage Services B&NES, Marlborough Literature Festival etc.
Originally from Devon, I’ve lived and worked in: Devon, Cardiff, Bath, Cyprus, Marlborough and currently Wiltshire.