Wilton Mill

A new series of paintings, oil on board. 16″ x 16″. I thought it was about time I looked at landscape and in particular classic views with human involvement.

Diamond Paw bears

This is a collaboration of jewellery and hand made artist bears for ‘Bears of Bath’. I designed the paw and the story behind these special bears. This started in 2008! Hard to believe it has taken 12yrs to get to this point.

Spitfire project

It started out as a fun project to recreate an accurate Spitfire simulator and cutaway model to approximate full scale. First started in 2016 the project has become a full time hobby. No single comprehensive plans are available so everything had to be CAD designed from what is available. The whole cockpit is modular and […]

Tykhe Dice

The Tykhe Dice project began in 2011. It has taken 9 years to get to its current position. Much use and feedback have gone into the using of Tykhe Dice as entertaining and informative means of self assessment. Tykhe takes influences in world culture, philosophy, mysticism and modern psychology to an insight of the ‘self’. […]