so many ideas have been started, worked, planned, failed, abandoned, succeeded.

Celtic Dragons 2012-?

The font, St. James Church, Avebury, Wiltshire. c.9th.C.

Following my interest in dragons through European mythology led me to my local church. The font in St. James displays two Celtic/Saxon dragons worthy of close study. Working with the Church (diocese of Salisbury) I set out to ‘unwrap’ the image around the font. Lay it flat. No-one is known to have ever done it, so I agree.

Remember, I come at this as an artist not a historian. I just show what I see, not what I think.

Dr. Janina Ramirez and I filmed for a while to camera about the font, and my drawings. I hope we meet again.







As it happened, National Geographic were making a study documentary of ‘dragons’ and Avebury was on their list.

Dragon Wars: Fire and Fury

The programme was only aired in the US. Dec. 2012
Dragon Wars:Fire and
Fury (TV Movie) 2014


I got a mention in the
IMDbPro: Profile

The project is ongoing. I intend to produce an engraved copper plate when I have all the details. Perhaps 2015?




Pink-Circle: 2014 A bold attempt to combine poetry with visual imagery. A collaboration between a man and a woman, intended to bring out the essence of the fusion.

We looked at the cycle of life, birth death and rebirth, metamorphisms, inherent qualities, repetition and inheritance. We looked at the human condition and forces that govern our world.