A taste of things I make and do; eclectic is a good word.
‘Fine art/Hypermedia: Bohemian Postmodernist is what I call myself . I do what I feel when the mood takes me.

Work here is *2013-onwards,
 Just a cross section.

Sadly much of my  work was never photographed so the vast majority…now sold,  has little more than sketches and prep. drawings.  I’m as guilty of that as my students were.

*older images are here but deep mining is needed to find them (some 21,000 images and drawings from the last 21 years)


My theme is connections.  ‘What are we?’

I feel empathy for things. The work is the relationships I see.

Human:   Something so infinitely complex and frail…falling through time.

Nothing could define me better than that.



That’s all you need to know about me.