Jill-ted Jack 

The Avebury Players: written by Paul Birkeland-Green, directed by Mike Polack


Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill


The villagers discuss the the lovers

The Dame

'He's a lovely boy my Jack'


Jill's scheming Aunt spins her lies


The Aunt's plan involves her dim son Norbet


"It all sounds a bit 'cloak and' dagger' what exactly are we up too?


The enchanted animals of Avebury set out to save the lovers


But how does it end?

Jack and Jill threeladies The Dame auntandjill goochie Norbert2 attack theend

The Avebury festive Pantomime 2011, Avebury Community Centre, Avebury, Wiltshire.

A  love story set in the magical Avebury circle bringing together aspects of the village, both enchanted and romantic.
‘Mayhem and farce in best good tradition’
Set in a ‘World Heritage Site’ largely owned  by the National Trust and overseen by English Heritage, it gave the opportunity to show Avebury as a village with a rich social heritage.
There’s far more to Avebury than, ‘To the Manor Re-born!’
An original script and music with support from the villager’s (and surrounding villages) helped guide its success.

Sold Out, all performances; a  proud achievement.
Performance time:1 hour 45 mins. (with interval)
A three act play.



Wendy’s Wishing Tree 

The Avebury Players: written by Paul Birkeland-Green, directed by Mike Polack


a8panto 2012

Jill: 'I'm here for one day, that's quite enough.' Mayfly: 'Oh yes I know that, everyone knows that!'

a30panto 2012

The jammy Dodger: 'good day Mr Giant and its this your friend too?'

a43panto 2012

'I'm here because Cirque Pierre is trying to cheat the village...'

a33panto 2012

Swan: 'oh what a relief, I thought one was broken!' Wendy: 'but it's made of wood'

a20panto 2012

Cirque Pierre cheats again.

a22panto 2012

The Rap battle is about to begin!

a56panto 2012

'You'll all help us won't you!'

a54panto 2012

Cirque Pierre is foiled.

a8panto 2012 a30panto 2012 a43panto 2012 a33panto 2012 a20panto 2012 a22panto 2012 a56panto 2012 a54panto 2012

wendy's wishing tree
The Avebury Yuletide Pantomime 2012. Avebury Community Centre, Avebury, Wiltshire.
‘A coming of age’ play

Wendy (a teenage girl) embarks on an unplanned journey of adventure when she reluctantly visits on a day-trip to Avebury. Unimpressed with the place she decides to leave her two brothers to spend her day alone.
Sitting under the famous ‘Wishing Trees’  she makes a wish: to meet someone just like herself to spend the day with.
The wish comes true, but not at all what she expected!  A living daydream where she meets her own personality in the guise of  characters from Avebury, both past , present , human and otherwise. Among them: a crashed Pilot , a giant Mayfly, a Mole, a boy, a Newt, a red Lion, a Jammy Dodger, the village Giant and even a wooden Swan. But a crooked travelling Showman wants to exploit her innocence to line his own pockets!

This magical journey of self-discovery transforms her from a girl to a young woman.
Original songs and Panto mayhem as usual! Performance time:1 hour 35 mins. (with interval) A three act play.
Sold Out, all performances!


The Avebury Giant awaits the stage