Tykhe Dice- Paul Birkeland-Green
This has been a large part of my work since 2011. Created as an entertaining and serious divination tool for self development and empowerment.


My teaching area in Further Education focused on affective teaching. As a Restart Tutor for Manpower services back in the 1980’s. The program brought a self assessment and core skills appraisal for those people ‘trapped’ in long term unemployment. From Abraham Maslow to skills assessment, the courses brought real and worthwhile focus to those trapped in the routine of lost achievement. Whether people agreed with the program or not…I saw the benefits, I watched, first hand, how the participants changed their lives for the better. It works! It would have come as no surprise to Plato, Aristotle or many others through the centuries  that ‘Know thyself’ is the key to self empowerment. Know thyself, is the basis of Tykhe Dice.

There is a full website for Tykhe Dice, so no need to repeat it all here.



All the creation, design and artwork are by me.