Much more done: May 2019. see Facebook group, Spitfire DIY

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UPDATE Jan 2020


The second one is getting closer to what I set out to make.



I built a spitfire simulator for my son…and got the urge to build another, a better one. It is near full size and an ongoing project. It isn’t a replica as much as it is a model. As it may take me years to complete I am showing its progress as work-in-progress.






I have completed this much so far. In most respects it is accurate to a Spitfire though mdf can’t act like alloy and steel. Some compromises have to be accepted.
I should also mention that the whole thing has to be flat packable. storing such a big item would be a nightmare otherwise. That does create problems. The seat is the largest single part, all the rest can easily be stored under a bed or wherever.  Oct. 2018


The seat has proved to be a big design challenge. I want it to look and be similar to the real seat and take a 100kg person…but not be made out of metal (as the original is) Laminated layers of mdf and hardboard steam bent have got it to work.

Instruments close-up

All the instruments have been cad drawn with separate dial needles to get a true 3D effect
The clock actually works, the only instrument that does.
Blind flying instrument panel
I need to make a reflector gunsight
My gunsight…it’s getting there.
made from a selection of materials, mainly cardboard and mdf.
The dials rotate for distance and wingspan
All of the panels were designed and templates made. I could make a second one in half the time.