Paul Birkeland-Green BA(Hons)
    creative director,  fine artist, inventor

“Now I can do as I please, follow my own eclectic path”

“Currently working and living in, Wiltshire, and sometimes Hampstead, London. Soon Bulgaria too. A professional artist; my path… symbolism, signifiers and the use of visual media.

Not retired but independent, art is not a job anyway, it’s a state of mind. The thin veil between reality and the infinitely possible is where I am.



From Torquay, Devon.

Since 1993 I’ve lived and worked in: Cardiff, Wales: Bath, Somerset: Kato Paphos, Cyprus , Avebury,  Hampstead, London, Wiltshire.
A  hybrid  Fine art painter, sculptor, photographer, hypermedia, free thinker…analogue and digital.
I work with just about every media across all platforms From VR to Gallery exhibitions.  Photoshop to oil/acrylic, 3D VR modelling to sculpture, digital is a big element in my daily work so programming/digital/social media is a must.


BA(hons) degree, Fine Art, University of Wales, LBIPP Incorporated Photographer
( Kodak, Ilford, Nashua UK) Weddings, Fashion, light commercial.
Experienced FE Teacher
Course leader for :
BTEC GNVQ, Multimedia Authoring, Digital Imaging in Art & Design
City & Guilds Photography modules:  Starting Photography, B&W Photography, Colour Photography.
BTEC, Diploma Computer Engineering.

My exhibitions at:
Impressions Gallery, Bath. (my agent C. Lawrence-Crandall)
PhotoWorld (Olympia, London),
International Cyber Conference, Bath,
Contemporary Digital Art, fstop-media-station, Bath.
White Horse bookshop, Wiltshire.

Positions held

Creative director 2016-current
Esoteric design and manufacture. Wiltshire


Brand Ambassador 2016 & 17 Events and residential fundraiser
Swindon, Wilts. see:

   Brand Ambassador Events 2017 Swindon see:


Self employed Artist and designer 2009- current
Working and living in Hampstead London/Wiltshire

Exploring media ideas, apps, trends and art in practice. Web hosting design & consultant WordPress, AbanteCart, .html, .css, .cfml, .php, .js, .psd .mp4, Mac/PC/Linux and many others.

At short notice, in 2010 I was asked to create the  ‘Marlborough LitFest’  website. I have to say it was done with great charm…so that’s fine. Through 2011 and 2012 I continued to work alongside the committee in developing this very successful venture which is now heading into its fifth year. I’m proud to have been a part of its fledgeling years.

BANA (Bath Area Network for Artists) Comfortable Place, Bath.

Provided a fully integrated website for the Arts organisation. Funding  by the ARTS Council of England. I produced, developed and maintained the site, and contact management system from 2002-2011.
Working alongside their designer, office and committee we all enjoyed a very exciting time in the development of BANA

Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institution, 16-18 Queen Square, Bath.(1997-2008)
‘Virtual Museum’
project director, collections digitisation programme, Design consultant.

(notable collections: Charles Moore’s fossil collection, Charles Darwin Letters, medieval seals, minerals collection & library)

Chairman Marketing sub-committee, committee member:
Management Committee
Publicity Committee
Collections sub-committee

Convenor of ‘New media & Art’ group.

I created and maintained the BRLSI website from a few pages on the University of Bath website. Over a 10 year period, I established a Virtual Museum (one of the UK’s first) which required the digitisation of the Museums 80,000 items. Established a digital archive of the annual Proceedings (also an annual membership card containing the full proceedings 200+pages). Later I created and added an online audit and room booking system and well as making online access to all the institution’s activities (written in Coldfusion CFML). 

We pioneered web-cam lectures also. In addition, I ran Web design, Photoshop and Desktop Publishing courses.I worked closely with the Museum Curator, SWMLAC, Arts & Business, the board of Trustees and Management & Collections sub-committees, as well as chairing my own committees and groups.


Bath & North East Somerset Council

Heritage services (2000 onward)
Museum web consultant:
* Roman Baths Bath
* Museum of Costume
* Victoria Art Gallery

I worked closely as a consultant with ‘Heritage Services’ at Bath&N.E. Somerset Council to prepare an interactive ‘brief’ for the ‘visualisation’ of the new website (launched 2004). I sat on the selection panel as an adviser to the project The new site needed to integrate the substantial database of the Roman Baths collection, Victoria Art Gallery and the Museum of Costume.

Norton Radstock College,
Radstock, Nr Bath, Somerset
college lecturer (1997-99)
Dept. Art&Design

I ran the intensive Multimedia Authoring course GNVQ level 1 & ll for the IT Department, also C&G computer technology. In the Art department, I set up and ran two C&G Photography modules:  B&W Photography, Colour Photography. In addition, I ran Digital Imagining courses for GNVQ students. I created the Norton Radstock website in 1999.

Co-founder UK/USA

(World Artists Assoc. )

World’s first interactive Online Art Exhibition

A trans-Atlantic collaboration between two established Art websites: ArtSpeak and ArtUK to create a worldwide forum and gallery for artists.

Founder of:
The Process, online artists community


some press cuttings…

WAA shows

A Bath-based arts project has teamed up with an organisation in San Francisco to present what is billed as the World’s first-ever Interactive virtual art exhibition…


BANA opening
Artists go on the web

Nearly 200 Bath Artists have signed up for a new website aimed at making their profession more lucrative…


WAA shows

The BRLSI really took to the virtual museum. At the time very few people in SWMLAC had even considered it. The V&A in particular, show interest in what we were doing. It isn’t unfair to say we were probably the first to coin the term ‘Virtual Museum’ in the region.

New age of discovery


…Further, into the Aladdin’s cave, Adele Breton’s Mexican pottery lies in trays not far from Charles Moore’s sea crocodiles…