I keep returning to this study.
Oil on hardboard.. 48″ x 32″. I haven’t painted on board for a while. Poplar panel or oak would have been nice but. Hardboard is a good surface and stable…so I gave it a go. Primed with acrylic. This painting still has a long way to go but it’s only when you look at where it was a week ago that you realise how far it has come already (right eye still not done).
March ’18


Current state of this painting: oil on canvas, 16″ x 20″

horse from St.George

Tricky to photograph


Synthetic reality
see: synthetic



A  composite image, mainly digital. Some of it is photographic but mainly not. Non-photographic elements: head, neck, hands, candles, pomegranate.

Belladonna, Lady of the rocks. inspired by ‘Wasteland’ T.S. Eliot


 The right-hand image has been changed from the original painting. The overlay is just to give clarity.
Left: intended detail. for the headdress.