Detail from O/C. At the Gates. work-in-progress, with some ‘effects’ as this painting is still in a state of flux.

Time for myself in the clockwork pattern of life. The changing mind and body roll out a future. The garden of youth reveals a gate to the bigger world, with eternal horizon. The locks open and the barriers fall with a fond ‘adieu’. The wind of change, from within, I step  beyond the garden who’s maintenance now rests with others.
Through the garden gates and beyond…

An observation.

   ‘At the gates of femininity’

studyTo conform to the ideal of beauty and femininity.
Though life in the garden of matriarchal responsibility and motherhood to reach the garden gate.  The freedom to be for the self too. Still controlled by the moral responsibilities and confines of society, a world beyond the garden beckons.
A women still in full flower goes beyond and into another realm, hers, another chapter.
Based on many ideas and preoccupations of the changing roles we traverse in life.