march 15

I’m working on several version of this at the moment…

Oil on canvas 20″ x 15″

Like most of my work, there are many versions. This is a painting from  my sculpture in plaster, which is based on a photograph of a 19thC. actress.

Evelyn Nesbit pencil on canvas
Evelyn Nesbit pencil on canvas

The artist’s model and actress, Evelyn Nesbit is the inspiration for this series of work. Sighted as the first ‘Supermodel’ and a global phenomena in 1901-16.
There are no colour images from her time and only a selection of B&W photos. Her beauty was both her gift and her curse.

Is beauty eternal? She was part of the first generation to be captured by photography as she really was. I wondered if she would still be regarded so today. I embarked on making a ‘mask’ from the images available so as to reproduce her as near as possible. This is still ongoing.

The beginnings of another version w.i.p.