Spitfire project

A DIY project to build a Spitfire cockpit simulation. Lots on this ongoing project…

It started out as a fun project to recreate an accurate Spitfire simulator and cutaway model to approximate full scale. First started in 2016 the project has become a full time hobby. No single comprehensive plans are available so everything had to be CAD designed from what is available. The whole cockpit is modular and can be flat packed for easy storage. Even constructed from MDF, cardboard and aluminium the whole thing is quite some weight. approx 150kg. As much accuracy as possible has achieved with small scale workshop tools. The project is ongoing. 2020

Much more done: May 2019. see Facebook group:

Spitfire DIY

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UPDATE Jan 2020


The second one is getting closer to what I set out to make.



I built a spitfire simulator for my son…and got the urge to build another, a better one. It is near full size and an ongoing project. It isn’t a replica as much as it is a model. As it may take me years to complete I am showing its progress as work-in-progress.






I have completed this much so far. In most respects it is accurate to a Spitfire though mdf can’t act like alloy and steel. Some compromises have to be accepted.
I should also mention that the whole thing has to be flat packable. storing such a big item would be a nightmare otherwise. That does create problems. The seat is the largest single part, all the rest can easily be stored under a bed or wherever.  Oct. 2018


The seat has proved to be a big design challenge. I want it to look and be similar to the real seat and take a 100kg person…but not be made out of metal (as the original is) Laminated layers of mdf and hardboard steam bent have got it to work.

Instruments close-up

All the instruments have been cad drawn with separate dial needles to get a true 3D effect
The clock actually works, the only instrument that does.
Blind flying instrument panel
I need to make a reflector gunsight
My gunsight…it’s getting there.
made from a selection of materials, mainly cardboard and mdf.
The dials rotate for distance and wingspan
All of the panels were designed and templates made. I could make a second one in half the time.