This is not a real person. Merely a construct of familiar physical features.

The journey is a cascade of events. Some real some illusion. A growing list of desires and hope. How much is the self and how much instinct? Are the desires mine…or  governed by something deep inside? How to tell the difference, can anyone?


Through my eye, both inward and outward.
Through my eye, both inward and outward.

I look into ephemeral realms through the web of experiences. This is my portal but a very narrow telescope through which to peer. My eye looks out through the veils of memories…never objective, always rose-tinted. Myth and magic, science and emotion.


Some things are never fixed, walking the shoreline at every tide. The land and sea in constant flux. And all the while, I am changing too.

Passing through youth to maturity, the mask forever dancing to the tune of time.

behind the mask we are eternal

The fabric of creation and life give illustration and answers.,’I take what flows through me and hold it up to the template of others to see what overlaps. That is my work: eclectic, diverse and fragments of an infinite puzzle. It is all connected and makes a collage of being alive.’