Gouache on paper

Changing plates across the globe,
Moving mountains, horizons and routes.
It changed so suddenly without warning,
Into my view an impending storm.
Warm rain, refreshing and sweet,
Nothing like it have I felt before.
The butterfly effect they call it,
Somewhere wings took to the air and changed my world.

Flashes of blue and green and deep hazel,
I’ve seen these somewhere before I’m sure.
That forecast was wrong, false alarm,
Hail and wind, not the outlook I thought.
What happens next I wonder as I wander,
Across an unfamiliar landscape.
So beautiful and yet so daunting,

The plates move again, the ground trembles,
That was louder, longer, more pronounced.
Below my feet, the earth is parting,
The gap is growing wider with each step.
The chasm has a warning, in its darkness,
Don’t ignore me it groans softly,
I’ll try not to I reply.