Work in progress

detail, oil on canvas, 24″ x 36″


2017 variation

A new version of the original painting. It is still work in progress.

lX XVll















The stages that led to this painting.

  A sketch in watercolour that goes back some way, It has problems but it was the pose and lighting I was after.

Onto a small oil canvas and with the big errors removed, also a more pleasing pose. I had the background dark so I could get my highlights right.

Background lightened and the sofa added.

Dragged the dark and shadows to let the highlight of the background show.

Then the figure. Painted in. A soft effect to the modelling

In this version I used a little photoshop…because you can lol.

Oil study. Ive been doing some ‘catch-ups’ with projects never completed This one so far. 15 x 8 (2018)

Acrylic on board (2018): again a reworking of an old idea: metamorphism, circle of life, mortality and rebirth.

June 2018

stage 2 oil.