Over magic mountains

Aloft on wing now looking down,
See colours and random shapes below.
Carried upwards, leave behind what once caught my eye,
Fed and nurtured gives rise to dreams.
Looking into the light and the changing clouds,
Before mists of mystery more enticing cooling to the wing.
Far below, those fleeting fading memories.
Climbing ever higher, I’m carried over magic mountains
Once so far, far away.


Paphos Venus


Paphos Venus Acrylic on canvas

A/C work-in-progress May 2015

The contemporary nude:  a preoccupation with the physical, a design of the aesthetic. Polarity of design, opposites attract. The finer virtues of an eternal motif. By design, for design, in design.

The pose and the form go on. No excuses, no meretricious virtues, no surreptitious meanings.
Just is.

It still forms the backbone of my journey, the metaphor of choice. In it I weave my allegories.





Oil on canvas, 12″ x 8″

…thought I was sitting still and comfortably,
Ha ha…what a dummy.
I’m dropping through space, and that feels nice
But I’m dropping through time as well, my time, my life,
That’s a clock…and I don’t like that so much.
I’m wearing a mask, so I can pretend to be…
Whatever you want me to be.
I’m naked of course…everyone’s judging, commenting,
Pointing, comparing.
“If you want my advice,’ they say, as if I want to know.
What am I supposed to be tomorrow I wonder,
As I fall through another day…one less of my future.

Ephemeral Realms

Where does a cycle begin?
With the viewer or the viewed
With the eye or the image
With the mind or the object
With the knowledge or the emotion
With illusion or the fact
Who can say?