Friendship Lost

Pen & Ink drawing + effects

The hand of friendship
Hangs alone and empty
Not sprouting growth.
Portraits in dusty corner
Fly thoughts of fancy in
Languished days erased.
Laughter’s postcard wilts
A palette in sunshine fades.
Ghosts walk hallways
Calendars of feckless time.
I hear the sea taste the salt
A flask of hope remains.
The candle burns still
Battered by the storm.
Tyres wear, bearings ache
Heavy lead groans.
The journey twists tangled
No direction focused.
Blue eyes green and hazel
Tomorrow a smiling day.


Ode to Existentialism:

Sometimes, this world smells rancid,
A grey sludge of animal waste.
Corporate sweat and mankind’s stain,
Rotting a dream inside my head.
Paint it black, paint it green, paint it out,
Cover up the truth until it’s too late.
There’s no escape, no hope;
Bite my tongue on any words of truth.
The monsters fly and the black dogs bark,
By steps that pass a maggot peppered heart.
Down to the basement where the dead dreams lie.

—paul birkeland-green 2015


From today’s sketchbook.
March 31st 2015. I need to put something up here everyday, some better than others I guess? This is  just a rework of the sketch, it works better…as is often the case.