September 27

Avebury MMXIV

‘We stand, as we always have to bear witness. Resting clouds pillow the livestock, a cold fleece before a rising gold made light by the warmth. The sky parts giving birth to a great sun rising. I watch, four thousand eyes watch, as the longest day begins. Equinox, Solstice, sol sistere stands still as do we, a moment of celestial calm. All is at peace in the giant forces, we take a time to reflect, solute, respect the axle of life. It is a sight like no other, a sensation like no other, a belonging.’

I live and work in both Avebury, Wiltshire and London. I draw inspiration from both. The great stone circle, and it’s little sister down the road at Stonehenge fuel my spirit and inspiration. How could sunrise at the midsummer Solstice not inspire enyone?
Some 2000 humans watched it rise.



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Posted September 27, 2014 by paul in category "artwork