Avebury MMXIV

‘We stand, as we always have to bear witness. Resting clouds pillow the livestock, a cold fleece before a rising gold made light by the warmth. The sky parts giving birth to a great sun rising. I watch, four thousand eyes watch, as the longest day begins. Equinox, Solstice, sol sistere stands still as do we, a moment of celestial calm. All is at peace in the giant forces, we take a time to reflect, solute, respect the axle of life. It is a sight like no other, a sensation like no other, a belonging.’

I live and work in both Avebury, Wiltshire and London. I draw inspiration from both. The great stone circle, and it’s little sister down the road at Stonehenge fuel my spirit and inspiration. How could sunrise at the midsummer Solstice not inspire enyone?
Some 2000 humans watched it rise.




So perfect in design, a dessicated carcass appears a rusting shell. Lines altered, purpose removed, form hunched but relaxed. Spattered with the noise of time retains identity and beauty.
July ’14


A post of odds and ends in my current sketchbook(s). Some will develop into something…others not.




Roots of a Tolkien’s family tree.

The tree roots of  ‘Three Beeches’ to the east of Avebury stone circle have become know as the ‘Tolkien Trees.’ The inspiration for J.R.Tolkein’s middle Earth, people say. They are impressive roots, exposed on the high chalk of the henge, its arteries. The ‘gates of Hades’ in their twisted form snake toward the dark trunks, not from it. I see human forms in a hurried watercolour , the roots themselves.

(Tolkien’s family deny these trees were his inspiration.)







Butterfly catch your breath before changing the rain in Spain. Only seconds to capture your colour  and gossamer form, then you are gone.







The ether flows amongst the Stones and beyond the Red Lion. There is a formation of the ancients, fleeting congregations of entities. A collection of time, with memories and emotions. My eyes see veils , my mind makes pictures.



Glitch Art: When the machine takes matters into its own hands…glitch is born. The random element ravages the order.

Sometimes it brings a hidden message, distorts a truth or obscures it. Have we grown tired of  order so soon?

aveglitchSONY DSCglitch4



And from the clouds the gods did clamber for the earth and performed their works upon its waves. For this was their purpose for it.

This is work in progress, working with Greek mythology:


mortal love


“Now I walk with shadows, befriended by darkness to share these brief moments. For we my love display both sides of life’s shell. Here we meet, life with death, separated only by the warmth of mortal flesh. I can sense your smile, feel you in my arms, it comforts me. I’m decided, until I can join you this will be my life. The candle flickers and the wax falls, the very light that brings you to my eyes betrays us. But I fear not of sin for this union between our worlds.” 2014



Latest metaphysical foray:  the skull.


sketchbook pageNot only the most powerful motif of all, it also represents mortality in many ways. Our temporal human existence, our symbolic connection to our ancestors and, in my view, an object in which the psyche can be remembered.
In a spiritual way it is an ‘event horizon’. A thin membrane of calcium which divides  the self from the other. On the inside is truly us, on the outside is everything else. It represents both a mortal shelter for the delicate mind and on the outside a castle, a protection from the elements of our world. But more than that it is a portal, a familiar object. It housed the memories of those we loved but have gone. To hold the skull of a loved one, perhaps to feel a connection once more if only in a ephemeral way. For a heart that cannot be parted by death…a few moments of reunion.
But would such a liaison  be frowned  on?  Perhaps under the cover of darkness the two can be reunited, by a flickering light the mortal parting is more bearable. To talk, confide, whisper love to her partner’s skull. How long the pretense,…moments, minutes, until the realisation of the truth? But this is where she is, trapped in life, unable to move on…perhaps yearning to join her love in the realm beyond.

skullwomen2 skullwomen