Paul Birkeland-Green

Paul Birkeland-Green BA(hons) fine art

“I make images and objects.”

‘I like to create imagery, from simple observations and ideas.


Marlborough, Wiltshire, England

Welcome to my eclectic world. I get involved in so many things that it’s hard to categorise me exactly.
Here is a taste of things I do and projects I’m involved in.

The work here is 2013-onwards, older ideas are here but deep mining is needed to find them (some 21,000 images and drawings from the last 21 years)
Not everything I do is here, I’m just sharing a sample of it.

Sadly much of my previous work was never photographed so the vast majority…now sold, has little more than sketches and prep. drawings. 

Prints at: 

Folio: ranging from Virtual Shopping Malls, Museums, Buildings, 1st person adventure games, installations, sculpture, paintings and software. Performance, installation, writing and presentation too.
From VR, digital, painting, 3D and electronics.

The theme of my work is to connect the viewer to the viewed.  We have a natural empathy to others, animals and objects. I’m fascinated by those connections especially those  to objects; surrogates for what I wonder…and what role do they play?
I  explore empathy and its boundaries found in the:  poetic, masculine, feminine, instinct, spirit, primal, emotional, sensual, conscious, subconscious, fantasy.  My desire is to experience and illustrate that  dialogue. I don’t provide answers, only examples.


Being human  is many things: beauty, design, metaphor, spirit, sublime engineering.  Something so elegant yet infinitely complex. Magic and science…falling through time.



Things I’m involved with:


Other work in collaboration or just for fun


How I got here

My journey:
An eclectic journey of experiences and observations. A lifetime of learning and living.  I’m described as a lateral thinker,  looking at the world from an unusual viewpoint.  I express that in my work for the attention of others. So far that contribution has been useful.
I never accept a definition of anything, I look at it again from different angles.


I’m drawn to symbolism and the value of metaphors. In particular mortality, that brief moment in time, calling on many alignments…often hidden deep in psychic layers.
Instinct, memory, jarred from dormant evolution; layer upon layer laid down by countless generations. What secrets are locked away in  blood and heritage? What key unlocks the dormant skills; what pathway leads to lost memory? The  wheel of life turns and replicates. The mechanism of life, death and transformation. Where does the circle begin or end?

A small selection of the sketches, paintings, photos and thoughts.

Ephemeral mortality
George & the Dragon
Falling through time
Lady of the rocks
New Dawn
Paphos Venus
Between worlds
At the Gates (variation)
Sleeping with the ancestors
Tykhe Dice
Archie Investigates
Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institution (1930 artist’s impression), Bath, Somerset
Ephemeral realms
Aldwych Station
Jill-ted Jack
Chess set Knight
Friendship Lost
Digital Chaos
Building Leo
Watches I design