Paul Birkeland-Green

‘Metamorphosis’ Acrylic on wood panel 16″ x 16″


Paul Birkeland-Green
Paul Birkeland-Green BA(hons) fine art

Marlborough, Wiltshire, England

Here is a taste of things I do and work I’m involved in. 

The work here is *2013-onwards,
This is just a sample.

Sadly much of my previous work was never photographed so the vast majority…now sold, has little more than sketches and prep. drawings. 


*older ideas are here but deep mining is needed to find them (some 21,000 images and drawings from the last 21 years)

The theme of my work is to connect the viewer to the viewed.   A natural empathy to people, animals and objects. My work explores the relationships.
I make connections from:  poetic, masculine, feminine, instinct, spirit, primal, emotional, sensual, conscious, subconscious, fantasy. 

'Falling through time' oil on canvas
‘Falling through time’ oil on canvas

Human  is many things: metaphor, spirit, sublime engineering.  Something so infinitely complex…falling through time.



Ephemeral mortality
George & the Dragon
Figurative study oil on canvas
Figure in strong light
Wilton Mill 2019 oil on board
Wilton Mill 2019 oil on wood panel