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Other Cameras and Light Meters requiring PX625's

Mercury battery replacement

This is a solution for others needing a PX13, M20 or PX625 mercury battery.

Customer Feedback:


Leica CL, Customer's photo:
Leica CL with battery adapter fitted

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Latest: July 06

Many people have also bought these for a variety of Cameras and Light Meters requiring PX625's and report they are working correctly.

Leica CL (Customers photo)

I will list them here in due course...



Of Course you can use the picture on your page.
Just mention "from a user in France" if you like :)

As said before, here is an illustration for your site: Leica CL and your solution.

Runs OK.
The CL exhibit a tendency of 1/3 stop underexpose (it sees more light than it should) roughly compared with the Leica R7 I have.

The adaptor does well and the battery is secured enough in the slot.

Thanks a lot, best regards (July 2006)


When the batteries run out (3-9months is claimed?) you can remove the adapter(s) and fit to new ZA675 batteries! They work out around £3.90 (probably only around $5 in the USA) for a pack of 6