facets of mortality


Living with the Ancestors

‘Lie with us, rest in us, in fabric and pattern,
Relive dreams and desires.
Repeating flesh, recurring beauty,
A familiar dance of fleeting moments.
The mortal is awake with purpose,
To create new garments.’

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…thought I was sitting in comfort,
I’m a dummy.
Dropping through space, that feels nice,
But I’m passing through time, my time, my life,
That clock…I don’t like much.
My mask attached, to perform,
Whatever you require.
I’m naked…everyone’s commenting, judging,
Pointing, comparing.
“If you want my advice,’ people say,
What of tomorrow I ask,
As I fall through today.

about me


Paul Birkeland-Green 

Exclusively work 2013-onwards. Older ideas are here but deep mining is needed to find them; some 21,000 images and drawings from the last 19years. Not everything new is online, I’m only giving a flavour here. Sadly much of previous work was never documented, so the vast majority…now sold, has little more than sketches and prep. drawings to show. 

The theme of my work: is to represent emotional boundaries using the poetic: the masculine, feminine, instinct, spirit, primal, emotional, sensual, conscious, subconscious, fantasy, desire, empathy, light and dark. What drives me forward…the why and how.


Butterfly: many things to many people: beauty, design, metaphor, spirit, sublime engineering.  Something so simple yet infinitely complex. Magic and science…perhaps both? Poetic engineering a metamorphism of metaphors.




My journey:
standing on a tertiary line of matter and time. A virtual shoreline between land, sea and sky. This landscape is in constant flux. Add the wind and tide, the changing light, smell and feel of salt breeze and the sound of the crashing waves. Every one of my senses is working, connecting, evaluating. Then the abstract: what lies below the waves, beyond the horizon, beneath my feet?  This is my line in the sand…not to cross but to follow because there is so much more to discover…and perhaps stranger things to uncover.

All along this shoreline lies evidence washed up and out of context, distorted and beaten by the tides…these fragments and clues. Fragrances of experience, familiar and empathic chords. This evidence to collect and ponder on.

Call to that which lies deep in my psychic layers. The instincts and memory jarred from the dormant. Evolved from the surface of the earth, layer upon layer of countless generations, what secrets are Iocked away in memory, blood and experience? What is the key to those hidden skills…the pathway to those memories. How the wheel of life turns, adapts and replicates, the mechanisms of life, death and transformation.

Somedays I’m an Eagle, on others a Mole. To live, experience, love and perhaps record something of life along the way. I question, observe and engage…

What I have put here is a small selection of the sketches and photos I think best explain me. They all relate to some project or other along the way…and of course my current work.”